Do you accept Title 20?

We do accept Title 20 Families.

How is billing done and when are payments due?

Billing is done weekly and invoices or statements are emailed. Payments are due the Wednesday after you received your invoice or statement.

Do you provide child care on non school days?

Yes, with the acceptation of holidays.  We do sign up sheets and if we have 15 or more we will be available.

What is your staff to child ratio?


Will you take my child to activities they are part of located in the school?

Yes, with a detailed note that states where they need to be, at what time and the dates the activities are on. Also, we need to know if your child will be returning to cub club or not after the activity. If they are not returning our responsibility will end at time of arrival of activity.



On days there is no school and if you are available do you serve breakfast and lunch?

Yes, Breakfast is served between 7-8 am and lunch is served between 11 and noon.



Next Steps...

If you have any questions that have not have been answered here please contact Audrey via phone, text or email.