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Since 1993

Louisville Lion Cub Club

Provides before and after school day care for school aged children in our school district.  Care is also provided on days when school starts late or releases early.

The goal of the Louisville Lion Cub Club is to provide safe, fun, reliable childcare before and after school to school-aged children.  Since the program is using school facilities, many of the same behavioral rules must be followed.

The Louisville Lion Cub Club is a non-profit, non-discriminatory before and after school child care program for children grades K-6 attending the Louisville Public School system.  The program is licensed by the State of Nebraska and is qualified to receive Title 20 funds (supplemental childcare aid to dependent children).  Our program is sponsored by the Louisville Public School Foundation, a non-profit organization founded to advance education in our community and in our school.

Our center is located in our school which makes it very convenient for our students who have after school activities.


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If you would like to enroll your child please call or email Audrey to make sure we have space available.